About Us

Talithacumi Group 
Serving the Bay and surrounding areas - Talithacumi Group is dedicated to sharing the love of God through an online support group. With one goal of helping women improve their lives, we provide relentless service to encourage and inspire spiritual transformation.

Here at Talithacumi Group, we are committed to bringing you closer to God through the sacred words in the scriptures. We encourage sharing of experiences, opinions, and feelings that can help uplift everyone in the support group. More importantly, we believe that God is working in each and everyone's life no matter how difficult the situation may be. 

We welcome all women of any age, background, and culture. We are a group that acknowledges each and everyone's uniqueness, strengths, and weaknesses. Our doors are open with warm and compassionate service to make you feel you are a part of the group. Experience genuine support within our spiritual transformation group and grow with us in spirit and faith.
Welcome to Talithacumi Group - a real source of spiritual healing.
With our thriving community of believers, we have established a support group of women who share a common goal and are open to meeting and helping other women. We are a trusted source of solid support for spiritual transformation, healing, and growth. 

Talithacumi Group has helped women to experience remarkable transformations in their spiritual life that ultimately led to physical and emotional healing. Many have discovered truth, peace of mind and happiness in the word of God. You too can experience this remarkable transformation.

For prayer request please 
email us at vicki@talithacumigroup.org 
​We look forward to serving you.
Vicki Ivery
A believing woman striving for excellence in Christ. As facilitator of Talitha Cumi Group it is my intent that through Gods written word we learn to serve one another and know one another spiritually as well as depend on The Lord prayerfully each day.